. Black Star In The Wind, - p.217-18:
          "When the Arts Council had heard of Armstrong's visit,
           they had insisted on taking charge of the arrangements
           - even though some of its members were not too sure
           who Armstrong was. (In fact, Phillip Gbeho, a wonder-
           fully likeable and talented music teacher at Achimota
           whose personal enthusiasm had kept alive an interest
           in drumming and dancing among young people in Accra,
           first opposed the Arts Council's participation in the
           visit; he said he thought a 'brass band' was beneath
           the dignity of the Council). James had reacted violently,
           and enlisted our Minister's support in claiming for
           the department the right to organize the visit. The
           Arts Council went one better by going to the Prime
           Minister. Finally we were directed to permit the Arts
           Council to run the display of drumming and dancing,
           at least."
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