Louis Armstrong All-Stars & The New York Philharmonic
July 14, 1956

Saint Louis Blues finale:
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    Leonard & Louis comments:
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Louis Armstrong (tp)
Barrett Deems (dr)
Edmond Hall (cl)
     Billy Kyle (p)
     Arvell Shaw (b)
     Trummy Young (tb)
     Velma Middleton (vocals)
Lewisohn Stadium Symphony Orchestra
Leonard Bernstein conductor
     On July 14, 1956 The Louis Armstrong All-Stars participated in the Guggenheim Concert at Lewisohn Stadium, New York. This was the first concert to feature jazz musicians - The Dave Brubeck Quartet performed during the first half, the All-Stars during the second.
     The honored guest that evening was the great American composer W. C. Handy, in poor health and confined to a wheelchair. According to the July 15 NY Times:
         W. C. Handy, the now-blind author of St. Louis Blues,
         smiled and nodded approvingly from his wheelchair. He was
         especially happy when the Stadium Symphony, under the baton
         of Leonard Bernstein, played his famous piece.
     Don't forget to make a trip to Florence, Alabama to visit the W. C. Handy web site where you can listen to him sing his jazz classic.


Sounds by Dipper Studios

Sound clips from Louis Armstrong Columbia Jazz Masterpieces (CD 158132), 1956. Liner Notes by Nat Hentoff.
St. Louis Blues - (wm.) W. C. Handy, (arr.) Alfredo Antonini.

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